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The Process


Step 1

Get to Know Each Other

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10-20 minute exploratory call to get acquainted. We will discuss your current situation and goals at a high level and how we might be able to help. Both sides are free of any commitment in this stage. If something clicks…GREAT! If not, that’s OK too! It’s always nice to make new friends.


Step 2

Deep Dive

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This second meeting will last a bit longer (assume an hour). We will dive into the details of your financial picture and prioritize your near-term and long-term goals which will ultimately set the foundation for the Financial Plan. We will offer our thoughts on how we can help. You are still commitment free at this point!

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Step 3

Think It Over

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We will give you some time to think about what we’ve discussed and whether you would like to move forward with a planning engagement. If so, we will exchange and execute a financial planning agreement. If not, we hope we can keep in touch.

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Step 4


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We will provide you with a secure personal portal to connect your accounts so that we may review your entire financial picture. During this stage we will also evaluate your risk tolerance.

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Step 5

Present the Plan

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After we complete our analysis, we will provide actionable recommendations designed to achieve your goals. We’ll gauge your feedback to the recommendations and, where necessary, go back to the drawing board to make appropriate adjustments.


Step 6


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When the plan is complete, we will set an implementation schedule. If the plan includes investment management services, we will exchange and execute an investment management agreement and begin the account opening/transfer process.

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Step 7


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We will periodically check in on agreed milestone dates to evaluate the implementation progress and adjust the plan or implementation schedule as needed.

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Step 8

Annual Reviews

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We will perform annual reviews to evaluate the plan performance. We’ll address new goals, celebrate achieved goals and take a fresh look at the plan priorities and progress to determine if any changes need to be made.

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Step 9

Repeat Step 5

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Addressing life’s changes.